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Most online publishers find themselves inundated with a vast array of advertising and marketing options. Online channels alone include search, social, comment marketing, promoted content, and more. The list goes on and on. Many large corporations hire agencies to determine their optimal “media mix” — why shouldn’t small publishers have access to the same kind of market expertise?  

With Publisher Roundtable, you benefit from the collective intelligence of your peers and the actionable insights our platform generates from the data our community provides.

No longer will expert marketing know-how be the sole domain of large Fortune 500 companies. Instead, we’ve set out to build the first member-driven platform for collaborative market research, combining quantitative data collection with a community of savvy (and knowledgeable) online publishers to figure out what’s working, and what isn’t.

Our goal? Turn member-generated primary data into meaningful benchmarks and actionable insights that lead publishers of every size to develop more effective growth strategies.

By simply joining and spending 10 minutes a month with our tool, you contribute crucial data (anonymized and aggregated) that our platform then uses to provide you and your peers with key takeaways on the pros and cons of business marketing strategies being used in the world of online publishing.  Beyond numbers, publishers can contribute advice and opinions. For example, reporting on serious lapses in ROI, customer service, technical glitches, or any other hazards that may come your way while experimenting with new marketing tactics helps give other publishers a heads-up about what to look out for and how to best structure their approach.

Once every couple of months, members will be invited to answer a short set of questions and share their opinions in an online interview. In doing so, they provide valuable data that our team then collects, analyzes, and reports back to the Publisher Roundtable community in the form of interactive graphs, key metrics, and trends analyses. Members can also participate in forums that provide more in-depth information about past experiences with various marketing strategies and advertising channels, making Publisher Roundtable a great source for discovering what’s working (and what’s not) for businesses like yours.

It’s true that no two websites are the same. Yet many online publishers share similar challenges based on things like size, industry, and customer base. As much as small publishers need to thrive on their own guts and instinct, there is an obvious benefit to having a sounding board of like-minded peers to test your business intuition. Publisher Roundtable provides that feedback loop, even giving you the option to filter the aggregated data by the variables that matter most to you.

The questions will primarily focus on the following areas of interest:

  1. Driving traffic/building audience
  2. Increasing engagement/retention
  3. Building a brand
  4. Content monetization

Each quarter, Publisher Roundtable will launch a new interview consisting of no more than 15 questions. The questions should not take more than 10 minutes of your time to complete. When the results are ready, we’ll send you an email notification so you can access them at your convenience.

Benchmarks and KPIs (“Key Performance Indicators”)  serve as metrics for you to reliably and systematically measure your important business activities driving success. To be useful and actionable, a benchmark must be relevant to your business and something that can be collected, tracked and compared in a standardized way. Examples of benchmarks around audience building include percent of audience that is new versus returning, and percent of traffic from direct vs search vs other channels. Your participation in Publisher Roundtable enables us to establish these benchmarks, for use by you as well as the industry at large.

What you will gain in sharing information about your business far outweighs any potential risk. Here’s why: By sharing information about your business, you gain the ability to compare your business to others like yours. This makes the benchmarks and insights much more meaningful for you. There is minimal (if any) risk because we only report data in the aggregate, and your name/business name is never attached to the information you provide. In the Discussions area, you always have the option of posting anonymously.

Yes. Netpop will ask you to answer “publisher-graphic” questions on an annual basis. (Examples of publisher-graphic questions  include monthly unique visitors, type of site/blog, annual revenues, etc.) So your information will be updated annually. If you need to update your profile earlier, you can contact Netpop and we can help you.

Yes, Publisher Roundtable is supported by VigLink and Netpop and is free to members for a basic level of data and analysis. This includes: Tips, Graphs, Compare, Discuss. The “currency” is time and transparency, through which you gain strategic market insights (worth tens-of-thousands-of-dollars) without spending a dime.

This service is new and will certainly evolve in the future based on our members’ needs. As such, we welcome input from you on where you find the most benefit and how you think the platform can be improved. Fundamentally, we want to make sure the Publisher Roundtable community is providing a valued service and helping to strengthen the online publisher ecosystem overall.

The idea has been evolving for years as the rise of social media collided with the world of consumer insights. Netpop (a San Francisco-based market research and strategy firm) realized the potential of developing a collaborative platform for market insights that would be community-based, free to use, and mutually beneficial for all its members.  VigLink (a content monetization company) saw an opportunity to share this Netpop technology with online publishers.

Two companies joined together to create Publisher Roundtable: Netpop and Viglink. Netpop is a San-Francisco-based market research and strategy firm that has supported global technology companies for over a decade. VigLink is a content monetization company that helps online publishers earn revenue from the commerce they drive.

Both companies have watched the world of online advertising evolve, and, along the way, recognized the need for better communication and information sharing among the online publishing community. So many options. So many “hats" to wear. Yet so little support in terms of what online publishers should (or shouldn’t) be doing to grow their businesses more effectively. Budgets are tight, information is limited, and expertise is learned on-the-job. We know how to gather relevant data and turn it into strategic know-how for the some of the biggest companies in the world — why not do the same for online publishers, and improve the system for everyone involved?

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