How It Works

Free to use, Publisher Roundtable makes big data insights available to online content publishers large and small. By tapping the collective intelligence of the web publishing community, our platform enables smarter, data-driven marketing decisions that improve the overall quality of your business.

Here’s how it works...


1. Get Started

Either opt to get started by following the directions on our homepage, or by receiving an email invitation from one of our partners asking for 5-10 minutes of your time.


2. Interview

You participate in a short 5-10 minute interview (online survey) about hot topics in the world of online publishing -- what you’re doing to increase traffic, foster reader loyalty, monetize your content, etc...


3. Process

We collect data from thousands of publishers like you, analyzing them in the aggregate to establish key industry benchmarks and metrics with regards to various marketing activities, like average spend, overall channel effectiveness, etc...


4. Compare and Analyze

Once all the data has been processed, we send you an email with login information that grants you access to a summary report. From there, you can generate custom analyses of the data set, compare your answers to those of your peers, or participate in discussion forums with other online publishers.


5. Tips

Publisher Roundtable also provides reports authored by market research professionals that slice and dice the data to provide in-depth analysis and insights on interview topics. These Tips reports are available to members for free as well.