Map of the Publisher Roundtable Blogosphere

If you’re a publisher looking for some help finding new content topics or ways to grow your audience, check out this map of the Publisher Roundtable blogosphere.

Map of the Publisher Roundtable

This map was compiled exclusively from our community’s data.

It will help you generate ideas on expanding the topics you cover by showing you various niches and sub-niches and how they connect.

For instance, if we look at the Hobbies & Home niche on the map, we can see that it contains Family & Parenting, Home & Garden, Hobbies & Interests, and Travel as sub-niches. Therefore, if you own a home and garden blog and are looking for more diverse topics to write about, you can branch into one of the sub-niches like travel or parenting. Gauge your readers’ reactions to decide whether it’s worthwhile to expand your blog to cover the sub-niche in more detail.

It also shows the niche popularity of each topic. In other words, which niches our publishers currently own blogs and operate in.